Set free


What’s the favourite story from your life you would narrate if a crowd
of thousands hungry for your words were following your trail? What’s the tale
you would spin that will bring forth a web of mystery yet awe, delight yet
admiration in people you hardly know?

But then again, what if, there were no words left to share?

When one guards their heart more graver than their wealth,
how can the steady flow of love come gushing through us?
Story-tellers we were born as, stones we turn into. It’s difficult to
be yourself in a world that fears to look at its true reflection.

‘Don’t be an idiot’, ‘don’t talk like that’… words that can free us
can be cast into another mould, a mould that ties you down
and makes it difficult to move.

As you look up to the sky, wishing for an adventurous flight;
look around you and first set free, spirit crushed under
the sagging burden of being what the world wants them to be.


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