2016: Promises and lessons


Made it past, almost, 365 days of hurry, worry and endless scurry.
The world didn’t come to an end as some of us watched pieces of theirs crumble and slowly burn.

But there lies promise in front of us all; promise that things are going to be all right even when one has forgotten what “being all right” even means.

2015 was a challenge for many, a pain for some and a blur for those who couldn’t hold on. I have sat through many tears, pocketed numerous sighs and waded through disappointment that defined what the past year stood for many.

For me, it was a challenge, a lesson learnt that I hope I never forget. Money, it turns out, is not the root of cause of evil, it’s the expectation that entices one with blossom that one never gets to see.

Frustration climbed mountains that I assumed were non-existential, soul, poor soul, coiled up in furry like an venomous serpent. Like a hammer hitting a nail into a wall impregnable, the words slowing seeped through a heart unrelenting —

Don’t let go, don’t waste what you can never get back– your time, patience, money and resources.

Saying no to the obligations that drain the joy, places to go where everyone is making a beeline — they don’t need you, you don’t need them either. There are memories you are missing out on by wasting the grains of time.

2015 was a challenge, 2016 is a promise, to hold on to what’s important and to let go of what’s making it difficult to breathe.


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