Mindless communication

How often do we hold back the words that the others have a higher claim over? ‘Thank you’ to the one who went out of their way; ‘sorry’ to mend broken bridges before they crash… It is rightfully said that to hold back what the others deserve is an act more cruel than broken bones.

But what surprised me were the words that came gushing forth on Monday morning. Hoping to shake off the lethargy, I jumped in my bed, inside the cover with a book and a fruit of bowl – clearly my strategy was doomed to fail… Who gets in the bed when they are sleepy? (Answer: me)

As sleep got ready to knock me off, my phone cut into its winning run.

ME: Hello. (Half tempted to hang up on whosoever was calling)
SHE: Hey Anisha. How are you? (So here’s the thing. I have lost of phone and with it all my contacts. But this caller sounded like they knew me. So I pretended I knew her too = Big. Mistake.)
ME: Hey! How are you? (With a straight face. I sometimes feel I should have bee an actor)
SHE: So, the General Manager has been assigned to be at this hotel by 10.45 am. (Since I am a journalist, these calls are quite routine… But not today)
ME: Okay, what? Which GM?
SHE: ANISHA! I marked you in the email and we decided to do this today…
ME: I honestly don’t remember. What exactly are we talking about? (I am notoriously forgetful… I mean, I have accidentally sent hugs and kisses in my church’s WhatsApp group and very serious Biblical messages in my work WhatsApp group… But this was a fiasco I was not very sure  of taking the credit for)

As the phone got disconnected – I feel she hung up on me – I was no where close to sleepy.

Tip to make someone get out bed: Call them out of the blue and say something as silly the one mentioned above.

While the lady refused to take my calls, I was left wondering about the words we exchanged. Not only did I get a good laugh, they ended up in this blog post. So I guess words really don’t ever go to waste.

Me = 1; Mindless caller = 0

Picture credit: Deepak Deshpande, my colleague, was fortunate to get such a lovely view of the rising sun on Sunday morning.


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