And it’s good


Someone, somewhere, someplace is living their dreams – despite all odds. Can that someone perhaps be the one whose soul right now is dried and shrivelled up?

Like a bug caught in a tangled mess, I wistfully watch the life pass by; I watch the birds take flight as I am unable to even touch my sole to the ground.

Frustration builds up like a bubble, only it doesn’t seem to burst. “But frustration is good,” I had once heard. “It might drive you insane, but it will also drive you towards change.”

So I attempt to carry the weight, knowing and hoping that it won’t be for long.


2 thoughts on “And it’s good

  1. change doesnt come easy. it comes at a price. life is frustrating, we want it to move in a certain way but it has its own pace and listens to none. often we stumble, hurt and bleed; we cry and question the reason behind it. may be for some of us that’s the only way.

    keep writing anisha. wd love to read more from your pen.

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