3 things the strays taught me…

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.14.52 PM
Gang of Strays: (From left) Cow-poop eater, Bully, Don’t Care and Sissy

It would be great to begin the narration by stating how I achieved inner peace from the day I decided to feed a family of stray dogs down the road from where I live. *Followed by a long and satisfying sigh that in this case might soon turn into a yawn*

But it didn’t happen.

Unlike Oogway underneath the Cherry Blossom tree or Po with a head full of nothing but dim-sums – by the way, Kung Fu Panda 3 is a hilariously awesome – I am nowhere close to achieving IP (and by that I don’t mean Internet Protocol address). But what I am close to is wiping out the food ration from the pantry and adding more notes to my soon-to-be-never-will-be-published book, ‘Lessons I Learnt from the Strays’ (I am still working on the title, so let’s go with this one for the time being).

Unconditional love

Which I assumed I was going to be a recipient of, but nope, the bunch I picked is as straight as a pig’s tail. I was under the false impression that the puppies (yes there were six of them, but now only three are left and that too minus the mother) would think of me as a fairy godmother considering I am the one that gets the party started with my rad snacks – by that I mean sugarfree cookies.

But nope again.

I am the maid that comes to clean the house every day. Yes, I will be missed and you will be pissed if I don’t come, but then life will go on. How then do you go on to love someone when you don’t receive their love by the scale? From what I have learnt from the puppies, you put the scale aside and you continue doing what you are meant to do. And yes there have been days when I have consciously taken another route to avoid passing by them, but summer time in India is famous for not just melting roads, but even some hardened hearts.

Thanks to being around animals you also master the art of taking cute in your PJs after spending 20 minutes chasing a dog that would just not sit still for a photo. 

Anger management

The one with the black spots all over is called the Bully. Why you ask? Because she does not know the meaning of:

1) Sharing
2) Caring for her other two brothers – considering the mother and three others abandoned the group
3) Keeping her paws and shark like jaws to herself and not on her brothers’ neck when the food is served

In the animal kingdom, she is just being an Alpha, but every time her brothers start yelping I just wanna ‘hit her and go ha ha’. But I can’t. Not only am I scared of the injections I will have to stomach if I try to correct her but they are not mine so I can’t discipline them either. But what I can do is not spew fire whenever I feel my anger rising when the Bully’s brothers come near the food and are promptly and heartlessly dragged away.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.14.32 PM
I think I peed a little when this picture was being taken. 

Happiness when you know you belong to someone 

When it happened for the first time, I thought the pups had ingested something foul. Turns out they were just very excited to see me, hence the whiny sounds and the oscillation of the tails that could defeat the wipers in a car. Not only was the realistion strange, but comforting at the same time. Mostly people just grunt a “hello” when they see me, but never do they start tap-dancing like the pups, especially the Bully who strongly believes that the food-bringing-human must be greeted by first jumping all over her, then scaring the life out of her and then proceeding to smell her.



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