One Man Army vs An Overcrowded Bus

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‘Stop and smell the roses’ is an overstatement. Not only will it give an allergy with a generous dollop of the creepy crawler that might be living in it, you will look a wee bit cuckoo if you stop and smell every rose that comes your way. My advice, if you are that free, grow your own roses and smell them 24*7. 

Have you ever experienced the startling joy when you finally receive what you have wished for all along? Having worked non-stop at a wonderfully insane pressure cooker environment, the one thing I had always wished for was some free time – scratch that… I actually wished for A LOT of free time – to sleep, read, go to the movies, not think about the articles I had to work on and the deadlines I just couldn’t skip. But come March 21st, I was like a ship with some brand new sails of my own.

Here’s what happens when your ship is sailing to your tune and nobody else’s:

1) If the ship breaks down, you either need to know how to fix it or be prepared to jump into the bottom of the ocean.

2) You are pretty much in some very big trouble if you have picked the wrong tune. Let’s say hello to the bottom of the ocean again.

It’s incredible the time I have now to trespass at strangers’ property and climb up their trees to steal flowers and make a run for it. #lifegoals
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But all the panting, running away to safety and then quickly stopping by the roadside pretending to pose all classy seems to be paying off. 

Lucky for some, unlucky for many, 13 *in my best Tambola (Bingo) voice* is the number of days for how long I have been sailing on my own for. And though I have been chillin’ – an ambiguous word when a person is incapable of coming up with an intelligent retort for ‘What have you been up to?’ – the time spent with my shadow has been quite enlightening. In the words of my sister, the Great and Wise Pig, “It’s only when you live or are alone that you realise who your true friends are.” Oink oink to that.

If you are alone and in a relationship… You might just realise, to its full potential, how very caring your partner really is. From being there to talk to you in the middle of the night to showing the same enthusiasm as you when you chit-chat about the latest escapades of your adopted strays, you will be overwhelmed how you have been gifted with a person in your life that truly cares to listen to your nonsense. 

If you are alone and are now spending a ton of time at home with family… You will have new found respect for your parents. From the pile of dishes to wash to the bills that need to be sorted by the day, it’s a humble realisation how protected children are, especially in India, and how much of a donkey’s work their parents do on an every-day basis. And what do we do in return? Add another dirty pile to the laundry basket.

If you are alone and are not surrounded by as many people as you were before… You will truly see who your real friends are. From agreeing to meet you despite your unpredictable plans to being there for you, no matter how trivial your concern might be, it’s beautiful how living and being alone can separate the scratchy noise from the real and soulful music we never must turn our ears away from.

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Incredible indeed the calories I burnt by not going to the gym. Instead you can find me every day cycling around my neighbourhood like Phoebe running around the park in F.RI.E.N.D.S. 

As I walk through this new found path of enlightenment – don’t be jealous if I receive sainthood very soon because I am actually very cool *sarcasm* – I hope I get a hang of how to remix this tune I have had going on for now. Because as much as I love being by myself, I also do love to dazzle people with my wits and charm. *wink wink*


2 thoughts on “One Man Army vs An Overcrowded Bus

  1. It’s always so refreshing to read you. And completely agree by what you have written…something I have been experiencing these days…may God bless you with more serenity, depth of thought, agility of a child and forever vivaciousness of youth.

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