Batman v Superman: Round 3

This may be no Bat Mobile, but it’s still a mean machine – terrorising stray puppies and pigeons on the streets!

There are a lot of things one can learn while doing the same thing over and over again *soulful narration Oogway style*. And I was on the path to such learning when I entered the theatre to watch Batman v Superman third time round *Wonder Woman background score that ends abruptly when the protagonist hits her face across the door while making her way inside the theatre*.


{DISCLAIMER: The revelation does not apply to academics. If you are like me, then you are doomed for failure and no matter how much you study over and over again formulas will never be your BFF}

  1. Attention to detail: Woah! Was that the Superman symbol on the rooftop of the woman’s house that was flooded? How that’s relevant in the long run? We’ll try not to address such probing questions and anger the universe’s energy.
  2. New crush, third time round: How beautifully striking is Gal Gadot! Not only is she is a badass, the mispronunciation of her exotic name makes her even more alluring. {Check out her daughter. And please don’t “MILF” zone her; my friend did and when I realised what that acronym stood for, my brain did this:


  3. Wardrobe: When you watch a movie three times in less than 10 days, attention must closely be paid to one’s clothes lest one wears the same thing and be a laughing stock for the staff who have by now have become familiar with your idleness to be nowhere but at the theatre.
  4. Are you serious: Rs 100 ($1.5) bucks for a minuscule cup of coffee?!?! How did I not notice this before? Perhaps I was too light-headed and immersed fully in giggle zone to notice the ROBBERS!!
  5. Dream date: Until I Googled Hans Zimmer, the picture I had in mind was the of the immensely popular Kevin Reilly. Though a killer talent, I think I might ask the fairy Godmother to arrange for a double date with Zimmer and Reilly – more with Reilly *swoon*.
    PicMonkey Collage
    (From left) Composer Hans Zimmer and president of TV channels TBS and TNT, Kevin Reilly.

    6. Inspiration: There’s something about Superman and Batman that you might not be able to pinpoint right away – is it their glacier melting beauty or the imperfectly perfect friendship that you can’t help but relate to. Though not a comic book nerd like one I know in particular (ahem ahem), I can’t help be drawn to the characters that are fictional yet so relate-able.

    Does that mean I might watch the movie for the fourth time round and supersede the tie with Inception (the only other movie I have watch three times)? Perhaps. *Groans the staff at the theatre*

    take4My take on the Superman statue that was shown in the movie. Gosh! I am so creative *sarcasm* 


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