New Kid on the Block and why he is my soul sister

I am ready, yo, to hit the ball out of the park or whatever it is one is supposed to do to make a cool first day impression. 

You might choke or perhaps laugh till your lungs go kaboom, but I can say with absolute certainty that Kate Middleton-Prince William and I have something in common. *Giggles in excitement* The two were on their first ever trip to India and I just got done with my first day at work. Get it? Get it? First for both of us!! *Okay, fine. I know my ‘first’ isn’t going make international news, but it’s still something… at least in my world*

As I readied myself for my first day at work (translation: kicked myself out of the bed as I hit the snooze for the 100th time), I was not only excited but also a LOT nervous, a feeling that has always been with me ever since I was a kid and grew up to attend 11 schools. One might assume that I must be a pro by now (*flips her hair*), but the “I am the new kid in the class” nervousness has never deserted me – just like my mysterious yet faithful little bump on my forehead that one might concur is a zit, but I secretly feel is the magical abode of fairy godmother (= definitely affecting my ability to think straight).

First Day At School Syndrome

  1. Excitement is on a lower scale when compared to the clammy hands and dry mouth.
  2. One indulges in numerous monologues where you state examples such as Satya Nadella and Sabeer Bhatia who ventured out alone and made such a huge mark.
  3. You secretly hope and pray incessantly to receive a text that says: “Sorry, today’s schedule has been postponed. Kindly join us from Monday.”
And then there is “I am a Babe in the woods” act. Gosh! So needy. Of course I don’t mean me. *flips her hair*
Alas! My friend, you have company of which I am glad. So what did I end up doing? I would love to switch on to the Pocahontas mode and admit that I braved the storms and lithely made my way through the deceitful ways of cab drivers; but instead I made my way (more like scampered) to my new place of work. Not a leaf fluttered as I stepped on the threshold, the birds were silent too (or perhaps it was the hellish heat)… as I opened the (un) squeaky, (un) looming door and stepped inside with abated breath. And that’s when it happened…

Nothing happened. Nothing has happened, it has been six hours since I stepped inside – my back has mirrored the various alphabet, and not just a C, in the English dictionary thanks to the super-comfy couch. Turns out I really didn’t have anything to fear, nobody really cared whether I was new or not, excitement certainly would have arisen if I had fallen flat on my face (thankfully that wasn’t meant to be).

I guess I should have refrained from flipping my hair and appeared clueless and thus become the centre of attention. Sigh!

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