Meaningful To-Dos


Life can sometimes feel like a To-Do list unlike the journey that we are supposed to enjoy.

  1. Wake up at 5.30 with a smile (the last part I have yet to accomplish. I, mostly, rise and shine scratching myself).
  2. Water the plants because I am their God, woohaha (but then my sister beats me to it and steals my thunder).
  3. Don’t waste your time at work checking useless sites (the realisation of which usually strikes after I have looked at puppies on Pinterest for 30 minutes).
A list that sometimes falters but never ever ends. And if the agony of not accomplishing everything I set out to do wasn’t enough, I make one every night.
Why? Probably because I am sadistic and revel in the knowledge that I am doomed to fail. OR I am struggling to make sense of the chaos, which is desperately trying to be my friend.

It’s hard to do it all, but the little that one does could mean everything to a starved plant. The calls to friends whom I haven’t heard from, letters with sometimes meaningless words and cups of coffee that do more than just burn a hole in my wallet.

Nothing is ever meaningless. No effort ever really wasted. The more I want to do, but can’t won’t hurt me as long as I am doing as much as I can.



4 thoughts on “Meaningful To-Dos

  1. Enjoyable read. 🙂

    ‘Nothing is ever meaningless’ is a lovely state to be in. You can feel purposeful and find joy in what you are pursuing.

    ‘As much as I can’ is a story to tell because there is comfort in settling down halfway to a summit. Just a thought.

    Hope you make time for what matters most.



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