In the end, it’s as simple as this


Even when it appears that things change over time, reality nods and prods for us to see that it’s actually people who change certain things over time. How does one take the blame for situations that they find themselves in that were their doing in the first place? How do you accept the bitter change when it was what you prayed for as long as you can remember? How does one find joy when it’s a very tiny little needle in the haystack?

The first time I met my landlords, the elderly Sri Lankan couple living in the basement, I thought I might miss home for they looked like someone I would be living across in India.

I didn’t.

My attention was surprisingly fixated on their cat who had come out of nowhere and refused to let go off my feet and chose to nestle there. “She must like you.” And I said to myself, “Even though she barely even knows me.”


Perhaps it’s as simple as that. You don’t need to know someone for over a year to realize you love them. You don’t need God’s thunder and lightening as an affirmation that you belong. You don’t need dreams and visions to tell you that…

  • in this world, you will have to believe. Whether you are down in the trenches or atop a mountain, you will have to bite the bullet and believe that the worst will last only for a little while.
  • no matter what anybody has done to you, you can’t bow down because your soul won’t break until you cast the first blow.

And most of all… every moment, from you to them and them back to you, matters more than anything you will ever own.


One thought on “In the end, it’s as simple as this

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